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Hello Everyone this is the contest for a sneak peak on the first Asa Production. All the Administrators Chose a Riddle. The First Person to Answer 2 of the riddles correctly will get to see the video.

A man walks outside with his umbrella. He opens it up and goes underneath. His wife comes out with his son and daughter. His cousins come out and join him under the umbrella as well. Soon his brother and sister join him. Out of this pack of people, who got wet?



A cowboy sets off on a journey with his horse. He arrives at his destination on Friday. He stays there for three days and then leaves on Friday. How is this possible?


You have two coins that put together equal 15 cents. One of them is not a nickel. How do you do this?



Joe bets Tony $100 that he can predict the score of the football game before it starts. Tony agrees, but loses the bet. Why did Tony lose the bet?


-Yellow Light


-Administrator BlueLight

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