Asa The Best


We are officially re-opening Asa! As some of you from before may know, one of the administrators put glitches in the site. For that reason we closed it, and are happy to reopen the site! As some of you might want to know what happened to the administrator. Well, we shipped her out to Africa on a storage boat and is still on her voyage. We will have a forum, hangman games and more! We are also making extra things that we cannot guarantee.Enjoy the new Asa!!!! 

- Administrator Greenlight  


 We will soon add a new movie to Asa! We are working on it and should be out very soon

Administrator Bluelight 


 There is now new contest on Asa! The winner will get a sneak peak on our first asa productions video!

To enter go to contests under forums. 

-Administrator Bluelight 


 We would like to tell you that there are now games in the games room

-Administrator yellowlight